This assignment….

The current assignment starting to take shape now, is a big mouthfull when considering the amount of wasted time I produce when alone and not supermotivated… (When have I been the most motivated? Social projects with a few others). It’s clearly difficult for me to now be on my own and actually have to do all the things that I have been able to hand over to my team mates in earlier projects (practically everything that I was supposed to do. Maybe the reason why have done so many extra courses and extracurricular activities? And somehow I must be good at it, since I have managed to keep on top all the way until here. I should probably stop worry about it – like with scuba diving and procrastination: look if it didn’t work you would never have made it this far.) Now I lost my thread, but it somehow feels nice to just write out what I have in my head. Since I don’t have anyone to talk to about it at the moment and cannot talk to myself or a camera, I guess this s the best option. And then it’s also easy to go back and retrace y thoughts from the past. Nice, bonus that might become valuable later on, but for now it’s just good to empty my head and maybe this will leave space for some new iterations, once my head has dealt with all these current issues ‘up there’ 🙂

So, what is up there at the moment? I think I might be on to some thing too big. In order so satisfy everyone, I’m now doing a project with both data gathering in Africa, data processing and data communication of that research. On top of that I also have to do observations/data gathering of how the project team works in London, their context (maybe a good possibility to talk to the Heroes head managers?), and combine that into some combined deliverables in the end, that both will benefit the company as well as be the basis of my thesis.
Maybe one of my main mental barriers is the theoretical basis of what I’m doing. I believe that all/most of what I do and what I think is based on what I have learned, but I’m slao quick to draw my own conclusions and it can sometimes be difficult for me to tell the difference – and be clear about my thought in general (even though it all makes sense in my head) – so that might be an issue once I get into this project.


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