The thing is……

The thing is….I could go along with the rather interesting assignment on my desk right now, which is almost approved and I just need to formulate it into an assignment for my chair person. But considering the things that I think I can see from my experience so far, that project might be just a drop in the ocean. And somehow I would like to create a bigger impact, and deal with innovation strategies/inspire the guys further up in the system where it actually matters something.

I’m maybe best at exploring/talking to people, making quick judgments and then produce ideas that might inspire or make people think. More than being an implementer who see all the details and do all the proper steps in the right order. In relation to my closest manager ms. S.M. I already sense that she expects a very different approach and working method than the – maybe rather chaotic – one that I currently have set forth.

And I’m not good with authorities anyway plus I feel that there might be something in this assignment that either scares me (probably) or makes it difficult for me to find my motivation to work.
When I got the idea of the ‘Thingy’ yesterday, I suddenly felt this motivation to start doing something, similar to when we started S-Force. There’s something about these kind of entrepreneurial-ish tasks that I really like.
So maybe my challenge is to make this one more entrepreneurial? And even though I said (and to some extend believe) that I prefer action-oriented tasks over theoretical tasks I felt today that it might not be like that.
At least the possible other assignment much more related to organizational structure, innovation processes and connections/communications within the company made me smile and become enthusiastic again. To some extend it is very similar to the PW Retailers case, so I shoudl be talk to mr. F about that. What his thoughts are like….


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